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Activities for Women, Young Women and Girls

Each year, thousands of women -- young and old, from a wide variety of ethnic, religious and professional backgrounds - take advantage of retreats, conferences, classes, schools, camps, service projects, student residences and other activities offered through centers of Opus Dei or by faithful of the Prelature of Opus Dei. Below we list links to Opus Dei-affiliated conference centers, schools and centers in the United States. There are many and varied activities going in many parts of the United States. Contact a location near you to find out what's available. We also include below links to general Opus Dei sites in case you would like more information about the prelature or St. Josemaría Escrivá.
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Arnold Hall Conference Center, Pembroke, MA (Photo by G & G Photographers)
Listings by State:

Westfield Residence and Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

Charwick Center, Atherton, CA

Chestnut Center, Berkley, CA

Trumbull Manor


Roseaire, Delray Beach, FL


Lexington College (all-women's liberal arts college for hospitality professionals), Chicago, IL

Metro Achievement Center, Chicago, IL

The Willows Academy (school for girls), Des Plaines, IL


Shellbourne Conference Center, Valparaiso, IN

Maryland, Virginia and Wash, DC area

Oakcrest (school for girls), McClean, VA

Van Ness Study Center, Washington, DC

Yuma Study Center

Longlea Conference Center, Boston, VA


Arnold Hall Conference Center, Pembroke, MA

Bayridge Student Residence, Boston, MA

Montrose School, Medfield, MA


Lindell Study Center, St. Louis, MO

New York

Murray Hill Institute, New York, NY

Rosedale Center, South Bronx, NY

Alderton House, New York, NY

Highland Study Center


Avanti Leadership Program, Houston, TX

Camp Bluebonnet, Huntsville, TX

Feather Rock Conference Center, Schulenberg, TX


Petawa Center (and student residence), Milwaukee, WI

Other helpful web sites include:

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www.josemariaescriva.info - About the Founder of Opus Dei

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Dora del Hoyo
For People Interested in Women in Opus Dei

The Marble Hall of the Ayer Mansion, home of Bayridge Residence, Boston, MA (Photo by Richard Cheek)
Arnold Hall