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Womanandwork.org provides articles, interviews and a listing of activities for women interested in how Opus Dei can be a resource for them. It is published in association with Bayridge, a women's center of Opus Dei in Boston. This website is made possible with funding from the Rosemoor Foundation
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Message From Rosemoor Foundation's President

Many women could have happier and more fulfilling lives
no matter what form of work they do if they all better understood the enormous transcendent value their work can have.  With this idea in mind, the Rosemoor Foundation was pleased to provide support for the start-up of this website, WomanandWork.org, in order to help women in all areas of work to discover and value that "divine something" that awaits all of us in all our daily activities.  Since 1985, the Rosemoor Foundation has provided financial and management consulting support to a variety of women's organizations and initiatives in the U.S. inspired by the spirit of Opus Dei.

In the early 1940's, when women first started to participate regularly in the activities of Opus Dei,  there was a tremendous focus on encouraging women to develop themselves professionally in all fields, including law, medicine, business, theology, education, engineering, work of the home, hospitality, chemistry, etc. It was St. Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei, who saw clearly that every woman (and man) from all backgrounds, races and in all noble fields of work are called to know and love God and others in and through their ordinary circumstances. This vision predated by decades that same idea which was promulgated by the Second Vatican Council in the late 1960's. St. Josemaria saw clearly that the world would be transformed by Christianity once Christians took seriously God's call to them, urging each one to transform his/her own place, his/her own work, his/her own circumstances into a loving encounter with God.

The struggle before us in our current culture is not so much the need to work more or harder, but rather to find ways to strike a balance, i.e. finding enough time and inner peace to have dominion over all the important areas of our life, such as family, prayer, friendships, leisure, study, and volunteering.  In the United States we work more hours per year than the people of any other industrialized country in the world, and yet, are we better for it?  Are we happier?  Are our families happier? Life has become so rushed, competitive and stressful for many people. Because of this, people, women especially, need to find creative ways in order maintain an integral Christian way of life amidst it all.

We hope that visitors to Womanandwork.org find its articles, interviews and other information encouraging and informative. We hope that it can act as a resource to help women strike a better balance and find more meaning, especially through their work and ordinary circumstances.  We are grateful to Bayridge, another Rosemoor grantee, and to the team of women who have worked to put this site together and hope that visitors will provide them with feedback so that the website better addresses their needs.

Mary Elise Eckman


Rosemoor Foundation
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